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its been a long time [Jun. 5th, 2008|09:22 am]
All us Milfordites


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hey there all.

sorry about the neglect. you know how it is.

so were getting a 99 Resaurant. next to walgreens. we need a dennys. somewhere 24 hr, food, fucking breakfast all day.

i hate the walgreens. i was against it, but that was back when i worked at bk and enjoyed the purty trees next door. poor bastards.

what else?

who loves the kfc/taco bell in amherst? me too.

i saw they gate off keyes field at night, gay. or unfair if you prefer.

that new track n field the high school is getting is awesome. im jealous. probly the only good thing about the h.s. nowadays. its not like it used to be, thats for sure. where students could roam freely, walk in and out without checking in at the window. no ids. movies in the band room. 11 minutes between classes. students could even roam into the tundra. ahh memories.

anyone else got some milf related news?

milf has even gotten new milfs since the start of this community. represent.


From: infiniteskyes
2008-06-05 10:06 pm (UTC)
wow... i forgot this exists.

as for news... the new stop light at walgreens sucks.
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